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Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Dr.Rajendra Prasad was the First President of Independent India.
Born at Ziradei (Siwan) on 3rd December,1884, Dr. Prasad was a
meritorious student. At the age of five, he was put under a Maulavi
who tought him Persian. Further, he studied at Zila School,Chhapra
and stood First in the Entrance Examinationin in Bengal Presidency at
the age of 18 in 1902.That time Bengal Presidency includes
three Provinces- Bengal, Bihar and Orrisa.

During his college days in Calcutta, he joined the
Dawn Society, led by Sri Satish Chandra Mukherjee.
There he had oppurtunity to meet and exchange ideas with
Sister Nivedita,Sri Surendra Nath Banerjee and many others.
A new awareness was growing. He collected students from Bihar
in Calcutta and established Bihari Students Conference in 1908.

He passed B.A. and B.L. from Calcutta University and started
practice at Calcutta High Court in 1911.In 1911, he also joined the
Indian National Congress. He shifted to Patna after establishment
of Patna High Court in 1916.In spite of roaring practice at the Patna
High Court, he decided to become modest political worker.

The time was turbulent and Mahatma Gandhi came to Champaran
in 1917 in favour of peasants and staged Satyagraha Andolan.It was
a protest against arbitrary high-handedness of Indigo-planters(Englishmen)
towards their native tenants. Rajendra Babu took part in Satyagraha Andolan
and became follower of Gandhijee. In 1920 he left the Bar and jumped into the Freedom
Struggle whole-heartedly.Mahatma Gandhi came and spoke at Women's Meeting at
Sonepur on 16th January,1927 and in the same day he addressed Public Meetings at
Chhapra and Siwan also.

He became President of All India Congress,Bombay Session in 1939.
He was with Gandhijee in Quit India Movement in 1942. He had
remarkable organisational capacity and leadership qualities !

He became First President of Republic India after independence in May,1952.
After two terms of presidentship he resigned on 13th May,1962.He imbibed
the true spirit of Gandhian concept of self-discipline, development of
small rural industries and increase of agricultural industries for
maximum production.

He passed away on 28th February,1963 at Sadakat Ashram, Patna.

"Hariye Na Himmat , Bisariye Na HARI Naam ;
Jahi Bidhi Rakhe RAM , Tahi Bidhi rahiye ."