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From Chhapra , Siwan & Gopalganj Districts.

YearWinnerParty DefeatedParty
C h h a p r a  (04)
1952Murli Manohar Prasad Congress Party Bageswar Prasad Independent
1957 Jaglal Choudhary Congress ---- ----.
1962 Sundari Devi Congress Prasidha Narayan Singh Swatantra Party
1967 Udai Pratap N. Singh Jansangh Janak Yadav P.S.P.
1969 Janak Yadav P.S.P. Satyadeo Singh Congress
1972 Janak Yadav Congress U.P.N.SinghCongress(O)
1977 Mithilesh Kumar Singh Janta Party Janak YadavIndependent
1980 Janak Yadav Janta Party (S) Mithilesh K Singh Congress
1985 -- DO ---- Independent --- DO --- Congress
1990 Udit Rai --- DO ---- Janak Yadav Janta Dal
1995 Udit Rai Janta Dal Janak YaavCongress
2000 -- DO -- R.J.D. Ram Babu Rai B.J.P.
2005-Mar. Ram Pravesh Rai J.D.(U) Udit Rai R.J.D.
2005-Nov. Ram Pravesh Rai J.D.(U) Udit Rai R.J.D.
B a n i a p u r  (36)
1952Vishwanath Mishra Congress Party Ram Dahin Pandey Socialist Party
1957 Smt Uma Pandey CongressYogeswar Prasad P.S.P.
1962 Uma PandeyCongressTriguna Nand Singh Swatantra Party
1967 Ramanand Mishra VikalS.S.P.Uma PandeyCongress
1969 Uma PandeyCongressRamanand Mishra VikalS.S.P.
1971 Uma PandeyCongressSuraj SinghCongress(O)
1977 Ramakant PandeyJanta PartyUma PandeyCongress
1980 Uma PandeyCongressRamakant PandeyB.J.P.
1985 Uma PandeyCongressRam Bahadur RaiCongress(Urs)
1990 Ram Bahadur RaiJanta PartyUma PandeyCongress
1995 Ram Bahadur RaiR.J.D.Uma PandeyCongress
2000 Manoranjan SinghIndependentRam Bahadur RaiR.J.D.
2005-Mar. Manoranjan SinghL.J.P.Ram Bahadur RaiR.J.D.
2005-Nov.Manoranjan Singh DhumalJDUSmt Uma Pandey Congress
G a r k h a (Reserved)  (42)
1952Twine membership Assembly seat Prabhunath Singh Jaglal Choudhary
1957Ram Jaipal Singh YadavS.S.P.Viswanath Mishra Congress
1962Shiv Shankar Pd SinghCongress Ram Jaipal SinghS.S.P.
1967Viswanath BhagatS.S.P. Jaglal ChoudharyCongress
1969Jaglal ChoudharyCongress Viswanath BhagatS.S.P.
1972Raghu Nandan ManjhiCongress --- DO ------- DO ---
1977Muneswar ChoudharyJanta Party Raghu Nandan ManjhiCongress
1980Raghu Nandan ManjhiCongress Muneswar ChoudharyB.L.D.
1985--- DO ------ DO --- Ram Sunder DasJanta Dal
1990Muneswar ChoudahryIndependent Raghu Nandan ManjhiCongress
1995--- DO ---Janta Dal --- DO ------ DO ---
2000--- DO ---R.J.D. Amrit ChoudhrySamta Party
2005-Mar.Raghu Nandan ManjhiIndependent Muneswar ChoudharyR.J.D.
2005-Nov.Gyan Chand ManjhiB.J.P. Raghunandan ManjhiCongress
J a l a l p u r  (40)
Jalalpur declared separate Assembly Constituency in 1967.
Before that some portion of this area was included in Chhapra Musaffil and Garkha(Reserved)Contituency.
1967 Sri K.N.Singh Jankranti Party Sri S.N.Singh Congress
1969 Kumar Kalika Singh Congress Kamla Singh Jansangh
1972 Kumar Kalika Singh Congress(Jagjiwan) Dr. Vameshwar Singh Congress(S)
1977 Dr. Vameshwar Singh Janta Party Kumar Kalika Singh Congress
1980 Kumar Kalika Singh Congress Dr. Vameshwar Singh Janta Party
1982 Sudhir Singh Congress Dr. Vameshwar Singh Janta Party
1985 Sudhir Singh Congress Raj Kishore Rai C.P.I.
1990 Nirmla Singh Congress
1995 Raj Kishore Rai C.P.I. Satyadeo Singh B.J.P.
2000 Janardan Singh Sigriwal Independent Dr. Ramjan Ali S.J.P(R)
2005-Mar. Janardan Singh SigriwalB.J.P.Balagul MobinR.J.D.
2005-Nov.- Do -- Do - - Do - - Do -
M a n j h i  (35)
1957 Pandit Girish Tiwary Congress Raghunandan Singh Swatantra Party
1962 Pandit Girish Tiwary Congress Ram Bahadur Singh S.S.P.
1967 Ram Bahadur Singh S.S.Party Pt Girish Tiwary Congress
1969 Rameshwar Datt Sharma Congress Ram Bahadur Singh S.S.P.
1972 Ram Bahadur Singh Socialist Party Budhan Prasad Yadav Congress
1977 Ram Bahadur Singh Janta Party Rameshwar Datt Sharma Congress
1980 Rameshwar Datt Sharma Congress Ram Bahadur Singh Janta Party
1985 Budhan Prasad Yadav Independent Hajari Singh Janta Party
1990 Hajari Singh Janta Dal Budhan Prasad Yadav Congress
1995 Budhan Prasad Yadav Congress Ram Bahadur Singh S.J.P.
2000 Ravindra Nath Mishra Independent Goutam Singh Samta Party
2005-Mar. Goutam SinghJanta Dal(U)Ravindra Nath Mishra Congress
2005-Nov. - Do - - D0 - - Do - - Do -
M a r h o w r a h  (39)
1952 Sukhdeo Narayn Mehta Congress Devilal Rai Socialist Party
1957 Devilal Rai Socialist Sukhdeo N Mehta Congress
1962 Suraj Singh Congress Devilal Rai Socialist
1967 Devilal Rai Socialist Suraj Singh Congress
1969 Bhishm Pd Yadav Congress Party Devilal Rai Socialist
1972 --- DO ---- --- DO ---- --- DO --- --- DO ---
1977 Suraj Singh Janta Party Bhishm Pd Yadav Congress Party
1980 Bhishm Prasad Yadav Congress Amar Kumar Pandey S.U.C.I.
1985 --- DO --- --- DO --- --- DO --- --- DO ---
1990 Surendra Sharma Independent Yadubanshi Rai Janta Dal
1995Yadubanshi RaiJanta Dal Surendra Sharma Independent
2000Yadubanshi RaiR.J.D. Surendra ShamraSamta Party
2005-Mar. Lalbabu RaiIndependentYadubanshi Rai R.J.D.
2005-Nov. - Do - - Do - Jitendra RaiJ.D.U.
M a s h r a k h  (37)
1952 Baijnath Singh Congress Mritunjay Pd Singh P.S.P.
1957 Mritunjay Pd Singh P.S.P. Baijnath Singh Congress
1962 Prabhunath Singh Congress Mritunjay Pd Singh P.S.P.
1967 Prabhunath singh Congress Prabhu Narayan singh Swatantra Party
1969 Kashinath Rai Samajwadi Socialist Sabhapati Singh P.S.P.
1972 Ram Deo SinghCongress(I)Kashinath RaiSamajwadi Socialist
1977 Krishnadeo Narayan SinghJanta PartyRamdeo SinghCongress(I)
1980 Ram Deo SinghCongress (I)K.N.SinghJanta Party
1981 Harendra Kishor SinghIndependentSri Narayan singhCongress
1985 Prabhu Nath singhIndependentHarendra Kishor SinghCongress
1990 Prabhu Nath Singh Janta Dal Harendra Kishor Singh Congress
1995 Ashok Singh Janta Dal Prabhu Nath singh Bihar Peoples' party
1996 Tarkeshwar Singh Independent Chandni Devi Janta Dal
2000 Tarkeshwar SinghR.J.D.Kedar Nath Singh Samta Party
2005-Mar. Tarkeswar SinghIndependent Kedar Nath SinghJanta Dal(U)
2005-Nov.Kedar Nath SinghJ.D.U. Tarkeshwar SinghCongress
P a r s a   ( 43 )
1952 Daroga Prasad Rai Congress Dharikshan Rai Socialist Party
1957 Daroga Pd. Rai Congress Dr. Sukhdeo Narayan singh Socialist Party
1962 Daroga Pd Rai Congress Mahendra Singh P.S.P.
1967 Daroga Pd Rai Congress Yogendra Prasad Socialist Party
1969 Daroga Pd Rai Congress Niranjan Singh Independent
1971 Daroga Pd Rai Congress Ram Nath Prasad Independent
1977 Ramanand Yadav Janta Party Daroga Pd.Rai Congress
1980 Daroga Prasad Rai Congress Ram Nath Singh C.P.I.
1981 Parvati Devi Congress Bhola Singh Lok Dal
1985 Chandrika Rai Independent Ramnath Vidyarthi C.P.I.
1990 Chandrika Rai Independent Ram Nath Vidyarthi C.P.I.
1995 Chandrika Rai Janta Dal Ram Nath Vidyarthi Samta party
2000 Chandrika Rai R.J.D. Ram Nath Vidyarthi Congress (I)
2005-Mar. Chandrika Rai R.J.D. Chhotelal Rai Janta Dal(U)
2005-Nov. Chhotelal RaiJ.D.U.Chandrika RaiR.J.D.
S o n e p u r  (44)
1952 Jagdish Sharma Congress Party Shiv Bachan Singh C.P.I.
1957 Ram Binod Singh Congress Shiv Bachan Singh C.P.I.
1962 Shiv Bachan Singh C.P.I. Ram Binod Singh Swatantra Party
1967 Ram Jaipal Singh Yadav Congress Dr. Vidu Bhushan Jansangh
1969 Ram Jaipal Singh Yadav Congress Shiv Bachan Singh C.P.I.
1972 Ram Jaipal Singh Yadav Congress Shiv Bachan Singh C.P.I.
1977 Ram Sunder Das Janta Party Rameshwar Rai Independent
1980 Laloo Prasad D.M.K.P. Jawahar Pd Singh Congress
1985 Laloo Prasad Lok Dal Raj Narayan Singh Congress
1990 Raj Kumar Rai Janta Dal Virendra N. Singh Congress
1995 Raj Kumar Rai Janta Dal Virendra N. Singh Congress
2000 Vinay Kumar Singh B.J.P. Prof. Ramanuj Prasad R.J.D.
2005-Mar. Ramanuj Prasad R.J.D. Vinay Kr. Singh B.J.P.
2005-Nov. - Do - - D0 - - Do - - Do -
T a r a i y a  (38)
1952(Mashrakh) Baidyanath Singh Congress Party Mritunjay Singh Socialist
1957 " Mritunjay Singh Socialist Baidyanath Singh Congress
1962 " Prabhunath Singh Congress Prabhu Narayan Singh Swatantra Party
1967(Taraiya) Prabhu Narayan Singh Swatantra Party Prabhunath Singh Congress
1969 Dharma Nath Singh P.S.P. --- DO --- --- DO ---
1970 Raj kumari Devi Congress Prabhu Narayan Singh Swatantra Party
1972 Dr.Prabhunath Singh Congress Party Ram Das Rai Jansangh
1977 Dharma Nath Singh Janta Party Dr. P.N.Singh Congress
1980 Dr. P.N.Singh Congress Ram Das Rai Jansangh
1985 Ram Das Rai B.J.P. Rajednra Singh Kashyap Congress
1990 Rajiv Pratap Rudi Janta Dal Ram Das Rai B.J.P.
1995 Ram Das Rai R.J.D. Janak Singh B.J.P.
2000 --- DO --- R.J.D. --- Do --- B.J.P.
2005-Mar. Janak Singh L.J.P. Ram Das Rai R.J.D.
2005-Nov.Ramdas RaiR.J.D. Janak SinghB.J.P.
S i w a n   ( 29 )
1952 Shankar Nath Vidyarthi Congress Mahendra Prasad Verma Jansangh
1957 Gadadhar Pd Srivastava Congress Janardan Tiwary Jansangh
1959 Sundari Devi Congress Janardan Tiwary Jansangh
1962 Janardan Tiwary Jansangh Shankar Nath Vidyarthi Congress
1967 Rajaram Choudhary Congress Janardan Tiwary Jansangh
1969 Janardan Tiwary Jansangh Rajaram Choudhary Congress
1972 Janardan Tiwary Jansangh Phulena Choudhary Congress
1977 Gulam Sarwar Janta Party Janardan Tiwary Independent
1980 Janardan Tiwary B.J.P. Serajul Haque Congress
1985 Awadh Bihari ChoudharyJanta PartyJanardan TiwaryB.J.P.
1990 Awadh Bihari ChoudharyJanta DalIrshad HussainCongress
1995 Awadh Bihari ChoudharyJanta DalVyash Deo PrasadB.J.P.
2000 Awadh Bihari ChoudharyR.J.D.Wasi AhmedB.J.P.
2005-Mar. Awadh Bihari ChoudharyR.J.D.Vyasdeo PrasadB.J.P.
2005-Nov.Byasdeo PrasadB.J.P. Awadh Bihari ChoudharyR.J.D.
B a s a n t p u r   (27)
1952Hari Kishor Prasad Congress PartySabhapati Singh Socialist
1957Sabhapati SinghSocialistHari Kishor Pd. Congress
1962--- DO -------- DO ----Ram Nath Singh --- DO ----
1967--- DO ------- DO ----Shiv Bachan Trivedi --- DO ----
1969Shiv Bachan TrivediCongressSabhapati Singh Socialist
1972Sabhapati SinghSocialistShiv Bachan Trivedi Congress Party
1977Vidya Bhushan SinghJanta PartyManik Chand Rai Independent
1980Manik Chand RaiLok DalSatya Deo Pd Singh B.J.P.
1985--- DO ----Congress---- DO ---- ---- DO ----
1990--- DO ------ DO -------- DO ---- ---- DO ----
1995--- DO ----Janta Dal---- DO ---- ----DO ----
2000Satyadeo Pd SinghB.J.P.Manik Chand Rai R.J.D.
2005-Mar.Manik Chand RaiR.J.D.Satyadeo Pd Singh B.J.P
2005-Nov. - Do - - Do - - Do - - Do -
D a r o u l i   ( 31 )
1952Rajendra Singh Janta PartyRamayan Shukla Congress
1957Ramayan ShuklaCongressRajendra Singh Janta Party
1962Ramayan ShuklaCongressRajendra Singh Janta Party
1967Krishan Pratap SinghJansanghRamayan Shukla Congress
1969Dr. Laxman RawatS.S.P.Krishna Pratap Singh Jansangh
1972Krishna Pratap SinghJansanghDr. Laxman Rawat Socialist Party
1977Krishna Pratap SinghCongressRamayan Choudhary Janta Dal
1980Chandrika PandeyCongressRamayan Choudhary Janta Dal
1985Shiv Shankar YadavLok DalChandrika Pandey Congress
1990Shiv Shankar YadavLok DalAmar Nath Yadav C.P.I.(M.L.)
1995Amar Nath YadavC.P.I.(M.L.)Shiv shankar Yadav Janta Dal
2000Shiv shankar YadavR.J.D.Amar Nath Yadav C.P.I.(M.L.)
2005-Mar.Amar Nath YadavC.P.I.(M.L.)Shiv Shankar Yadav R.J.D
2005-Nov. - Do - - Do - - Do - - Do -
G o r e y a K o t h i   ( 28 )
1977Krishna Kant Singh CongressIndra Deo Prasad Janta Party
1980Ajit Kumar SinghD.M.K.P.Indradeo Prasad Janta Party
1985Indra Deo PrasadB.J.P.Ajit Kumar Singh Independent
1990Ajit Kumar SinghJanta DalIndra Deo Prasad B.J.P.
1995Indra Deo PrasadR.J.D.Bhumendra N Singh Congress
2000---- Do -------- Do ----Ajit Kumar Singh Independent
2005-MarBhumendra N SinghB.J.P.Indra Deo Prasad R.J.D.
2005-NovIndra Deo PrasadR.J.D. Bhumendra N SinghB.J.P.
M a i r w a ( Reserved )   ( 30 )
1962 Basawan RamCongress Party Raj Banshi RamSocialist Party
1967Girdhari RamC.P.I.(M)Basawan Ram Congress
1969Basawan RamCongressGirdhari Ram C.P.I.(M)
1971Ramawatar RamJansangh PartyChandrika Ram Congress
1972Ram Narayan RamCongressRamawatar Ram Jansangh
1977Phoolchand RamJanta PartyRam Narayan Ram Congress
1980Ram Narayan RamCongressPhool Chand Ram Janta Party
1985Gorakh Ram---- Do ----Ram Narayan Ram Independent
1990---- Do -------- Do ----Girdhari Ram C.P.I.(M)
1995Satyadeo RamC.P.I.(ML)Gorakh Ram Congress
2000---- Do -------- Do -----Shiv Kumar Manjhi J.D.(U)
2005-Mar---- Do -------- Do -------- Do ---- R.J.D.
2005-NovRamayan ManjhiB.J.P.Satyadeo Ram C.P.I.(M.L)
M a h a r a j g a n j   ( 33 )
1952 Mahamaya Prasad SinhaSocialist Party Chandrika SinghCongress Party
1957Anusuya JaiswalCongressUma Shankar Prasad Swatantra Party
1962Uma Shankar PrasadSwatantra PartyAnusuya Jaiswal Congress
1967Uma Shankar Prasad*Swatantra PartyK.P.Shahi Socialist Party
1969Mahamaya Pd SinhaSocialist PartyUma Shankar Prasad Congress
1972Anusuya JaiswalCongressTarkeshwari Sinha Congress (O)
1977Uma Shankar SinghJanta PartyDevendra Kr. Abhoy Congress
1980Uma Shankar SinghJanta PartyAnusuay Jaiswal Congress
1985Uma Shankar SinghJanta DalAnusuya Jaiswal Congress
1990Uma Shankar SinghJanta DalAnusuya Jaiswal Independent
1995Baijnath PandeyR.J.D.Damodar Singh Congress
2000Uma Shankar SinghSamta PartyDamodar Singh Independent
2005-Mar.Damodar SinghJanta Dal(U)Uma Shankar Singh R.J.D.
2005-Nov. --- Do ------ Do ------- Do --- --- do ----
*K.P.Shahi won,but High Court dismissed the result after six months.
RaghunathPur   ( )
1952 Congress Party
1957Congress Swatantra Party
1962Swatantra Party Congress
1967Swatantra Party Socialist Party
1969Socialist Party Congress
1972Congress Congress (O)
1977Janta Party Congress
1980Janta Party Congress
1985Janta Dal Congress
1990Janta Dal Independent
1995R.J.D. Congress
2000Samta Party Independent
2005-Mar.Jagmato DeviIndependentKamrul Haque indepndent
2005-Nov.Jagmato DeviJDUVijay Shankar Dubey Congress
Z i r a d e i   ( 32 )
1952 Shanker Nath VidyarthiCongress Mahendra Pd. VermaJansangh
1957Jabbar HussainCongressRaja Ram Choudhary Swatantra Party
1962Raja Ram ChoudharySwatantra PartyJabbar Hussain Congress
1967Jabbar HussainCongressShankar Nath Vidyarthi Independent
1969Shankar Nath VidyarthiIndependentJaabbar Hussain Congress
1972Jabbar HussainCongressShankar Nath Vidyarthi Independent
1977Raja Ram Choudhary----Do ----Irshad Hussain Janta Dal
1980Prof. Raghaw PrasadLok DalRajaram Choudhary Congress
1985Dr. Tribhuwan N. SinghCongressProf. Raghaw Prasad Lok Dal
1990Md. SahabuddinIndependentDr. Tribhuwan N. Singh Congress
1995---- Do ----Janta Dal ---- Do ---- Congress
1997Shiv Shankar Yadav---- Do ----Dhrub Shankar Singh B.J.P.
2000Ezajul HaqueR.J.D.Shyam Bahadur Singh B.J.P.
2005-Mar---- Do -------- Do ----Shyam Bahadur Singh J.D.(U)
2005-NovShyam Bahadur SinghJ.D.U.Ezajul Haque R.J.D.
G o p a l g a n j   ( 24 )
1952 Kamla Rai Congress Hari Shankar Singh Socialist Party
1957 Kamla Rai Congress Hari Shankar Singh Socialist Party
1961 Satyendra Narayan Singh Congress Hari shankar singh Socialist Party
1962 Abdul Gafur Congress Hari shankar singh Socialist Party
1967 Hari Shankar singh Socialist Party
1969 Ram Dulari Sinha Congress Kamla Prasad Singh Jansangh
1971 Ram Dulari Sinha Congress Nageswar Singh Congress(S)
1977 Radhika Devi Janta Party Kali Prasad Pandey Independent
1980 Kali Prasad Pandey Independent Jagat Narayan Singh Congress
1985 Surendra Singh Independent Ambika Prasad Yadav D.M.K.P.
1990 Surendra Singh Janta Dal Ambika Prasad Yadav Independent
1995 Ramawatar Janta Dal Putal Devi Congress
2000 Anirudh Prasad(Sadhu Yadav) R.J.D. Subhash Singh N.D.A.
2005-Mar. Reyazul Haque RajuB.S.P.Subhash Singh Lok Janshakti Party
2005-Nov.Subhash SinghB.J.P. Reyazul Haque RajuB.S.P.
B a i k u n t h p u r   ( 26 )
1952 Pandit Sheobachan Trivedi Congress Anirudh Rai Swatantra Party
1957 Tribikram Deo N. Singh Swatantra Party Pandit Sheobachan Trivedi Congress
1962 Pandit Sheobachan Trivedi Congress Harihar Rai Swatantra Party
1967 Sabhapati Singh S.S.P. Pandit Sheobachan Trivedi Congress
1969 Pandit Sheobachan Trivedi Congress Sabhapati Singh Socialist Party
1972 Sabhapati Singh S.S.P. Pandit Sheobachan Trivedi Congress
1977 Brajkishor N. Singh Janta Party Deonandan Singh C.P.I.
1980 Braj Kishor N. Singh Janta Party Deodatt Prasad Lok Dal
1985 Braj Kishor N. singh Janta Party Deo Datt Prasad Lok Dal
1990 Braj Kishor N Singh Congress Deo Datt Prasad Janta Dal
1995 Lalbabu Pd Yadav Janta Dal Braj Kishor N. Singh Samta Party
1996 Deo Datt Prasad R.J.D. Braj Kishor N. Singh Samta Party
2000 Manjit Kumar Singh Janta Dal (U) Lalbabu Pd Yadav R.J.D.
2005-Mar. Deo Datt PrasadR.J.D.Manjit Kumar Singh Janta Dal (U)
2005-Nov.--- Do --- --- Do --- --- Do ------ Do ---
B a r o u l i   ( 25 )
1952 Abdul Gafur Congress Anshit Sinha K.M.P.P.
1957 Abdul Gafur Congress Hajari Sah Independent
1962 Gorakh Rai Congress Hajari Sah Swatantra Party
1967 Bhulan Rai Independent B.Singh C.P.I.
1969 Bijul Singh C.P.I. Vyas Prasad Singh L.D.C.
1972 Braj Kishor N. Singh Congress(Urs) Bijul Singh C.P.I.
1977 Abdul Gafur Congress Md. Rasul Janta Party
1980 Abdul Gafur Sangathan Congress Adnan Khan Congress
1985 Adnan Khan Congress Ram Pravesh Rai B.J.P.
1990 Dhruvnath Choudhary Independent Ram Pravesh Rai Janta Party
1995 Md. Nematullah Janta Dal Ram Pravesh Rai B.J.P.
2000 Ram Pravesh Rai B.J.P. Md. Nematullah R.J.D.
2005-Mar. Ram Pravesh RaiB.J.P.Md. NemutullahR.J.D.
2005-Nov.--- Do ------Do --- --- Do -------- Do ----
B h o r e y (Reserved)   ( 22 )
1952 Nand Kishor Narayan Congress Shiya Bihari Sharan R.Socialist Party
Reserved Chandrika Ram Congress Badri Ram Swatantra
1957 Ram Bali Pandey P.S.P. Shyamlal Bhagat ---- Do ----
Reserved Chandrika Ram Congress Badri Ram ---- Do ----
1962 Raj Mangal Mishra ---- Do ---- Shyamlal Bhagat Janta Party
1967 ---- Do ---- ---- Do ---- Bachcha Pd Shahi Swatantra
1969 ---- Do ---- ---- Do ---- Shyamlal Bhagat Janta Party
1972 ---- Do ---- ---- Do ---- Pandit Dinanath Tiwary Congress(O)
1977 Yamuna Ram Janta Party Badri Ram Swatantra
1980 Algoo Ram Congress ---- Do ---- ---- Do ----
1985 Anil Ram ---- Do ---- ---- Do ---- ---- Do ----
1990 Indradeo Manjhi Janta Dal Viswanath Baitha B.J.P.
1995 ---- Do ---- R.J.D. ---- Do ---- ---- Do ----
2000 Viswanath Baitha B.J.P. Algoo Ram R.J.D.
2005-Mar. Anil KumarR.J.D.Surendra RamLok Janshakti Party
2005-Nov.--- Do ------ Do ---- Dr. Indradeo ManjhiB.J.P.
K a t e y a   ( 21 )
1952 Ram Bali Pandey Socialist Party Nand Kishor Lal Congress Party
1957 Nand Kishor Lal Congress Rambali Pandey Socialist Party
1962 Chandrika Ram Congress(R) Badri Ram Independent
1967 Badri Ram Independent Chandrika Ram Congress
1969 Nathuni Ram Congress Algu Ram Congress(O)
1972 Algu Ram Congress(O) Nathuni Ram Congress
1977 Nagina Rai Congress Raj Mangal Mishra Janta Party
1980 Singheswar Shahi Congress Nagina Rai D.M.K.P.
1985 Bachcha Choubey Janta Party Manoj Tiwary Congress
1990 Bachcha Choubey Congress Singheswar Shahi Janta Dal
1995 Singheswar ShahiR.J.D.Indu DeviSamta Party
2000 Smt Kiran RaiR.J.D.Mandeo TiwaryB.J.P.
2005-Mar. Amarendra Kumar PandeyBahujan Samaj PartyKiran RaiR.J.D.
2005-Nov.--- Do ------ Do --- --- Do ------- Do ----
M i r g a n j   ( 23 )
1952 Janardan BhagatCongressPrabhu Nath Tiwary P.S.P.
1957 Janardan BhagatCongressPrabhunath TiwaryP.S.P.
1962 Prabhunath TiwaryP.S.P.Janardan BhagatCongress
1967 Siya Bihari SharanK.S.P.Prabhu Nath TiwaryP.S.P.
1969 Anant Pd. SinghCongressViswanath SinghC.P.M.
1972 Anant Pd. SinghCongressS.M.AbdullahSocialist
1977 Bhavesh Chandra PrasadJanta PartyAnant Pd SinghCongress
1980 Raj Mangal MishraJanta Party Bhavesh Chandra PrasadB.L.D.
1985 Prabhu Dayal SinghCongressRaj Mangal MishraJanta Party
1990 Prabhu Dayal SinghIndependentKanhaiya Swarup PathakJanta Dal
1995 Viswa Nath SinghC.P.M.Prabhu Dayal SinghIndependent
2000 Prabhu Dayal SinghSamta PartyViswa Nath SinghC.P.M.
2005-Mar. Ram Sewak SinghJ.D.(U)Md. Babuddin KhanCongress
2005-Nov.--- Do ------- Do ---- --- Do ------- Do ---

The End